AOSSM Board of Directors

James P. Bradley MD
Michael G. Ciccotti MD
Vice President
Kurt P. Spindler MD
Mark D. Miller MD
Dean C. Taylor MD
Past President
Annunziato Amendola MD
Past President
Neal S. ElAttrache MD
Under 45 Member-at-Large
Cassandra A. Lee MD
Under 45 Member-at-Large
Armando F. Vidal MD
Over 45 Member-at-Large
John E. Conway MD
Chair, Council of Delegates

Eric C. McCarty MD
Executive Editor, Medical Publishing Group, Editor-in-Chief, AJSM & OJSM, (Ex-Officio Non-Voting)
Bruce Reider MD
Chief Executive Officer
(Ex-Officio Non-Voting)

Gregory F. Dummer CAE
Other AOSSM Leadership
Research Council Chair
Asheesh Bedi MD
Education Council Chair
Stephen F. Brockmeier MD
Communications Council Chair
Grant L. Jones MD

2020 AOSSM Program Committee

Lee D. Kaplan MD (Chair)
Steven B. Cohen MD
Brett D. Owens MD
Matthew T. Provencher MD, MC, USNR
Nikhil N. Verma MD
Brian R. Wolf MD, MS
Rick W. Wright MD

2020 Reviewers

Christopher S. Ahmad MD
Geoffrey S. Baer MD, PhD
Ljiljana Bogunovic MD
Eric N. Bowman MD
Robert H. Brophy IV, MD
JW Thomas Byrd MD
Eric W. Carson MD
John E. Conway MD
Jeffrey R. Dugas MD
Lutul D. Farrow MD
Rachel M. Frank MD
Seth C. Gamradt MD
F. Winston Gwathmey MD
Mia Smucny Hagen MD
C. Thomas Haytmanek MD
Carolyn M. Hettrich MD, MPH
Darren L. Johnson MD
Christopher C. Kaeding MD
John D. Kelly IV, MD
Christopher M. Larson MD
Kirk A. McCullough MD
Claude T. Moorman MD
Volker Musahl MD
Frank A. Petrigliano MD
John P. Salvo MD
Matthew J. Smith MD
Karen M. Sutton MD
Fotios P. Tjoumakaris MD
Norman Waldrop III, MD
Robert W. Westermann MD
Kevin Willits MD, FRCS
Michelle L. Wolcott MD